Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sailor Moon Fanfiction

I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon which was written by Naoko Takeuchi.  I'm sure that there are many who are much better fans, but I do like the manga and the series.

I have many of the art books and have collected most of the same prints from those on my Photobucket Account.  One thing that I have been doing is finding fanart on Deviant Art.  Let me tell you, there are some really, really talented artists out there.  I can't draw worth a damn, but I can appreciate people who can.  Of course, for every talented artist...there are several that make you go "Seriously?  You think this is good?!"  Of course, I'm sure what I think is good, others would probably question my sanity.

This is one that I found recently.  I think that it's a pretty interpretation.

I also happen to enjoy Sailor Moon fanfiction.  My favorite writer is called The Yarnspinner.  He and his wife have a website called Strands of Moonlight.  There are several stories of his that I like but my favorite is his epic called "That Special Magic."  It's an alternate reality but it's still good.  The only problem is that the story is unfinished and he hasn't written a new chapter in over 3 years.  Darn him!

But, the fanfiction website that I read the most is dotmoon.  It does a variety of stories, not just Sailor Moon.  There are a lot of authors that I like but some of the stories that are my favorites are:

The Aftermath of Bachlor Parties - Mamoru and Motoki contemplating their situation and what to do about it after Mamoru's Bachelor Party.

Stiletto Boy and the Blonde Problem - Yaten is caught doing something that the paparazzi would just LOVE to get photos of!

A Villain's Night Out - Sailor Moon comes across Nephrite who is a bit...under the weather.

There are several others, but would probably take too long to list.  I like dotmoon.  They list new stories every Sunday (for the most part).  And they're easy to find and to be able to tell which are completed stories or not.

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