Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deadliest Catch

I am a fan of the TV series The Deadliest Catch.  And I watched the most recent episode this morning.

Poor Jake Anderson of the Northwestern.  We found out that he'd been hiding the fact from the rest of the crew that his dad was missing and had been missing for some time.  Capt. Sig got a call from Jake's mom that his dad's truck had been found but not his dad.  And from what Capt. Sig said, there were a few other things that she told him.  And he wasn't going to say anything to Jake.

I looked up on the internet about Jake's dad and he is still missing but the search was called off a long time ago.  Obviously, it doesn't look good.  And his dad's truck was found off an old logging it may be a long, long time before Mr. Anderson is found, if ever.

Then there is Jake Harris of the Cornelia Marie.  What a piece of shit.  I'm sorry but he is.  I realize that people get addicted and steal but to steal his own father's pain pills.  And God knows that Capt. Phil needed them.  I do not blame Capt. Phil calling Jake a thief and a liar and wanting Jake out of his life.

The sad thing is that, obviously, Capt. Phil suffered a stroke not long afterwards.  It's not apparent yet, we'll see in the next several episodes, but at this point, I think that Jake caused the stroke.  At the very least, Capt. Phil discovering Jake stealing drugs and saying that he was an addict did not help.

I have to say that I've never liked Jake.  Something about him rubbed me wrong.  I can't put my finger on it, but I never really liked him.  Josh Harris, Capt. Phil's older son, I like him.  Of course, I get the feeling that the only reason he was on the Cornelia Marie was so that he could keep an eye on his dad.  Or at least try to.

The next several episodes will be interesting as will be the follow-up episodes of After the Catch.  It will also be interesting to see if the Cornelia Marie will be part of the series next year and if Josh or Jake will be on board.

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