Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Frickin' Christmas

Yup.  Merry Frickin' Christmas!

Yeah, I am not a big fan of Christmas.  Mainly because of the fact that I've worked retail for over 20 years.  Now, in the past couple of years the customers haven't been too bad but, still, they aren't the nicest at this time of year.

The other reason is the Christmas gifts that I get.  Seems kind of stupid to be butt-hurt about Christmas gifts at my age, but my parents (ie my mother) seem to have no idea what the hell it is that I want for Christmas...and can't be bothered to ask.  Of course, I don't tell them...but the way my mother reacts to certain things, I don't dare hint.

This Christmas, I got 2 $100 savings bonds.  Now I'm fairly certain that my mother didn't shell out a dime for those.  More than likely, she cashed in old bonds of mine that matured and were not collecting any more interest.

The other gift from them was 2 bottles of lotion that I use...which is sold at Costco.  For $12.

After I opened those LOVELY gifts, I went into my room and cried.  And felt guilty for doing so.  But that's the programming that my mother has created over the years in me.  I think the only Christmas gift that I got that was worse than this one was when she bought 3 boxes of microwave popcorn that she bought at Stater Bros. Market.  I put those on top of my bookshelf for over a year...didn't touch popcorn for that entire time either.  She thought that I'd appreciate those as a gift because she knew I liked to eat popcorn.  To this day, I really don't touch the stuff.

Jesus, I'm tearing up now as I write this.

I hate Christmas.

I will admit that I probably don't get my parents the best Christmas gifts either.  I get them gift cards.  This year it was Wal-mart because they travel during the spring and summer and they use Wal-Mart alot.  And another gift card to Home Depot.  They go there a lot too.  And the cards were $50 each.  Which I can't afford but it's better than $12!!!

What do you get for people in their late 60s and early 70s?  If they want something, they just go out and buy it themselves.

I don't give a damn about savings bonds...even though, I'll probably be on the streets when I'm 80.  And the lotion, I could go and buy that myself.  Why couldn't they have given me a gift card to Barnes & Noble.  I buy books all the time and they (SHE) knows it.  Or, they could have given me cash.  I would have put it against one of my credit cards.

I hate Christmas and I hate feeling like I'm an ungrateful bitch.