Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Frickin' Christmas

Yup.  Merry Frickin' Christmas!

Yeah, I am not a big fan of Christmas.  Mainly because of the fact that I've worked retail for over 20 years.  Now, in the past couple of years the customers haven't been too bad but, still, they aren't the nicest at this time of year.

The other reason is the Christmas gifts that I get.  Seems kind of stupid to be butt-hurt about Christmas gifts at my age, but my parents (ie my mother) seem to have no idea what the hell it is that I want for Christmas...and can't be bothered to ask.  Of course, I don't tell them...but the way my mother reacts to certain things, I don't dare hint.

This Christmas, I got 2 $100 savings bonds.  Now I'm fairly certain that my mother didn't shell out a dime for those.  More than likely, she cashed in old bonds of mine that matured and were not collecting any more interest.

The other gift from them was 2 bottles of lotion that I use...which is sold at Costco.  For $12.

After I opened those LOVELY gifts, I went into my room and cried.  And felt guilty for doing so.  But that's the programming that my mother has created over the years in me.  I think the only Christmas gift that I got that was worse than this one was when she bought 3 boxes of microwave popcorn that she bought at Stater Bros. Market.  I put those on top of my bookshelf for over a year...didn't touch popcorn for that entire time either.  She thought that I'd appreciate those as a gift because she knew I liked to eat popcorn.  To this day, I really don't touch the stuff.

Jesus, I'm tearing up now as I write this.

I hate Christmas.

I will admit that I probably don't get my parents the best Christmas gifts either.  I get them gift cards.  This year it was Wal-mart because they travel during the spring and summer and they use Wal-Mart alot.  And another gift card to Home Depot.  They go there a lot too.  And the cards were $50 each.  Which I can't afford but it's better than $12!!!

What do you get for people in their late 60s and early 70s?  If they want something, they just go out and buy it themselves.

I don't give a damn about savings bonds...even though, I'll probably be on the streets when I'm 80.  And the lotion, I could go and buy that myself.  Why couldn't they have given me a gift card to Barnes & Noble.  I buy books all the time and they (SHE) knows it.  Or, they could have given me cash.  I would have put it against one of my credit cards.

I hate Christmas and I hate feeling like I'm an ungrateful bitch.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Uncle - Richard E. Venable

My uncle, Richard E. Venable, passed away today.

He was the father of three children:  Linda, Phil, and Tina.

I know I haven't written on this blog in some time but I just have to write this somewhere.

I'm very sad that my uncle has died but I'm also glad because he is no longer in pain.  He had cancer and the damn stuff just spread all over his body after a gall bladder operation he had in July.

But I am angry as well.  Uncle Gene died about 7 pm and it is now almost 8:30 pm and his wife has NOT called my parents.  In fact, she fucking TEXTED my cousin Phil that his dad died.  FUCKING TEXTED!!!!!

Not classy AT ALL!

It's just not right.  You don't text someone that their father has died.

I will never dine with the Queen of England nor will I ever be invited to the White House or a Big Time Hollywood Event.  But, by God, I will NEVER EVER text someone about a family members death.  That's just wrong.  And trashy.  But that's Gail.  She's trashy.

Of course, before she married my uncle, she was his mistress while he was married to my Aunt Lee who was the mother of my Cousins Phil and Tina.  Linda was the daughter of my uncle's first wife.  My Aunt Lee died just before Thanksgiving in 1992, Uncle Gene introduced Gail to the family in February and married her in September 1993.  That has caused some hard feelings with his kids.  Fortunately, Phil and Uncle Gene reconciled.  It's just too bad that it took a terminal illness to do that though.

But, in regards to Gail - she has no class.  And as soon as things are over, I doubt that anyone in the family will contact her again.  She's just done so many things over the years that...well, we more than likely will not speak to her again.  There will be no need to.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Deadliest Catch - Capt. Phil

I am finally getting around to watching the last 3 episodes of Deadliest Catch.  I've been putting it off because of the fact that Capt. Phil of the Cornelia Marie is dying in these episodes.  Even though I know that he had passed away long before this TV season even is hard for me to watch.

I have watched the June 31 episode:  I think Freddie gave Josh good advice.  The ship will be there, the crab will be there...his father won't.  It's more important to be with his dad if/when the worst happens.  I'm glad he took Freddie's advice and went to the hospital.

Jake Anderson of the Northwestern probably understands the best what Josh and Jake are going through.  His father, when the episode was filmed, was missing.  His truck had been found but no Dad.  And it looks like his father is still missing according to what I have Googled.

I thought that Capt. Keith was going to cry.  He probably did.  He's a pretty emotional man when it comes to things like that.  Capt. Andy, well, I think that he and his brother are fishing partners with Capt. Phil so he had a hard time.  Capt. Sig - I think after Capt. Andy told him about Capt. Phil, Sig held up a pack of cigarettes to the camera then threw them across the wheelhouse.  Not really sure because what he held in his hand was blurred, probably not to show the manufacturer.

It was very good of Capt. Johnathan to meet Josh at the airport and fill him in on Capt. Phil's condition.  I wonder if he'll stay a while to help out the boys.

You can tell how tight knit the crabbing community is.  When Capt. Sig told his guys, it depressed them instantly.  When Capt. Andy told Mike (possible new capt.), the look on Mike's was almost like he was told something had happened to his dad.  Of course, they've been brought closer together due to the show and the reduction of the crab fleet over the last few years but even without that, I think that everyone knows everyone else.  For example the Capt. of the Kodiac was in Town making a delivery and a barmaid at THE (only) bar told him that she was surprised that one of his deckhands was still on board because of the guy's reputation and knowing the Capt.'s temper/attitude about certain things.  It's that small of a community.

I'm going to go watch the next episode now.

July 7th episode:

Holy smokes the doctors had to take part of his skull off to help the swelling in his brain!  The surgery lasted 12 hours, so obviously they did more than just remove the top of his skull.  But DAMN!  The doctor is not optimistic.  He was blunt with the boys and Capt. Jonathan...most people do NOT survive these strokes.  It's very obvious that Capt. Phil is a bad patient.  He made Jake give him ice chips even though Josh said that the doctors don't want him to have any.  Stubborn man!  You can see that part of his face is not right.  And for the surgery, they shaved his head.  Not the best job, but I'm sure it was good enough for them.

On the Northwestern, Jake Anderson celebrated 6 months of being sober - good for him!  I hope that he continues to be strong.  Edgar doesn't really know what he wants to do - boat or home.  And Capt. Sig thinks Edgar should train someone for his job.  And Capt. Sig is still smoking.

Capt. Keith just got beat up by his 11-year-old daughter over his chewing tobacco habit.  Nothing more righteous than a kid of that age.  I'm sure that Keith is wondering if she is this bad at 11...what is she going to be like at 16, 18 and 21?!

The is a relief captain for the Cornelia Marie.  While it may be hard on the crew, the boat doesn't earn money just sitting at the dock.  It's got to be out there fishing otherwise people don't get paid and it will be harder on their families later on in the year.

It was difficult seeing Capt. Johnathan leave Capt. Phil and begin to cry.  These are strong men.  They, more than likely, were told that men don't cry.  Suck it up.

I want to bitch slap Jake.  His dad is in the hospital, dying and he's getting high because he can't handle people around him dying.  Well boo fucking hoo!  People are dying in hospitals every single day but their loved ones are going out and getting high.

Poor Josh.  He's trying to take care of his dad and deal with his idiot brother.  Capt. Johnathan gave him good advice...Jake is on his own.  YOU (Josh) need to take care of your dad.

When Josh and Jake were arguing in their hotel room about Josh getting high.  I think that if Jake had taken a swing at Josh, Josh would have just beaten the crap out of Jake and it would have taken Capt. Johnathan and the film crew to pull him off Jake.
July 13th episode

They have shown more of the talk Capt. Johnathan had with Josh.  Capt. Johnathan is right.  Fuck Jake.  Josh has to forget about him and take care of himself and his dad.  Jake's on his own.

I don't feel sorry for Jake one bit.  In fact, if he was in front of me right now, I'd want to slap him.

In this episode, Capt. Phil is awake and talking, not well, but he's talking.  In fact, the doctors are please with his progress and have told Josh that they think that he should go to a physical rehab center in Seattle.  I guess there really aren't good places in Alaska for stroke rehab.  Or, it could be the fact that Capt. Phil's home base and family are in Seattle so it may be easier for him to get help there.  The show really doesn't say.  They did show Capt. Phil's head or the side of it where they removed the skull.  It's sunken it and looks weird.  Capt. Phil wanted to know when they would replace it but the doctor said not for a few more days.

Jake has gotten off his ass and has called a rehab center about getting treatment.  We shall see if he actually follows through.  Josh put Jake on a plane to Seattle to go to a treatment center.  Jake did tell his dad that he was going to go get help and Capt. Phil told him that he was proud of him.

Just before Jake told his dad about going for treatment.  Capt. Phil tried to get Jake to give him a cigarette.  I remember a couple seasons ago, when Capt. Phil had the blood clot (which almost killed him then), he went outside wearing the hospital gown and had a cigarette.  Hospital gown and IV pole.  I bet the nurses were plotting ways of beating him over the head.  A co-worker and I agreed at the time that he was a damned old fool!

It was really hard watching Capt. Phil say that he wasn't a good enough father to Josh.  Josh told him that he was the best father that he could ever have.  That Capt. Phil taught him how to be a man.  Obviously a man who was able to cry when he needed to even if he didn't want to do it in front of others.  A man who was not afraid to tell his dad that he loves him.

My co-worker told me that I would need Kleenex for these three episodes...she wasn't kidding.

The fleet is being hit by a huge storm - over 1000 miles large- Matt Bradley aboard the Northwestern said "You don't believe in God...come out here."  Yeah, places where there are NO atheists:  foxholes and crab boats on the Bering Sea.

Josh got a phone call from the doctor telling him that Capt. Phil had another "event" and that he needed to get back to the hospital right away.  It ended with Josh calling Jake and telling him that Capt. Phil had died.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day

I just got back from seeing Knight and Day. Yahoo is talking about how Cruise has bombed, that it's his worst action flick opening in 20 years...well...screw them!

It's a good movie. I enjoyed the hell out of it. The pacing was phenomenal. Did not wonder about what time it was in Real Life, I was too busy watching this movie. No f***ing shaky cam - that I noticed. There was a scene at the end of the movie where Cruise and Diaz got mixed up in the running of the bulls...great, great scene!

Cameron Diaz's character come across as a little ditzy, probably normal for her ( I haven't seen too many of her films) but it's not annoying.  She just a person who was pulled into something that is beyond her comprehension.  Certainly she's out of her element.  But, while she does have freak out moments, she sucks it up and does what she has to do...and if means riding the rollercoaster...she does it.

Tom Cruise's character, like many of his others, is charming, cute, funny and endearing.  And possibly quite crazy.  But, he pulls his character off well.  Again, I wasn't annoyed with his acting.  In the past, I have been irritated by the character he's playing, but this time I was not.

FYI - you don't have to sit all the way through the credits. There is a small scene but there are no surprises at the very end. :cry: I guess I'm spoiled and I like those last little scenes, oh well.

As for why the movie didn't have the best opening...well, it could be some lingering backlash against Cruise's couch jumping episode on Oprah. Or, it could be the fact that school has just let out and parents are taking their kids to see kids' movies first and then have Parent Date Night later.

Regardless, I enjoyed this movie and I will be getting it on DVD!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deadliest Catch

I am a fan of the TV series The Deadliest Catch.  And I watched the most recent episode this morning.

Poor Jake Anderson of the Northwestern.  We found out that he'd been hiding the fact from the rest of the crew that his dad was missing and had been missing for some time.  Capt. Sig got a call from Jake's mom that his dad's truck had been found but not his dad.  And from what Capt. Sig said, there were a few other things that she told him.  And he wasn't going to say anything to Jake.

I looked up on the internet about Jake's dad and he is still missing but the search was called off a long time ago.  Obviously, it doesn't look good.  And his dad's truck was found off an old logging it may be a long, long time before Mr. Anderson is found, if ever.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This and That

Well, the California Primary elections are over.  The candidates that I really wanted to win, won.  For the most part I did not vote for incumbents.  I did vote for the man who is currently Sheriff and there were a few people where it was "Vote for..." a certain number and there were incumbents in those groups.  Although, I could have only vote for 2 or 3 or however many but, I'm anal.  If it says vote for 6, I'm going to vote for 6.

I am expecting this to be one of the nastier California elections.  Especially between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown as well as Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer.  I really, really hope that Meg and Carly win.  But I'm not looking forward to the bombardment of commercials - both negative and positive.  Nor am I looking forward to all of the calls that I expect will be coming.

Although, I have enjoyed some of the "person to person" polling calls.  You know, the ones where someone asks you a series of questions and wants to know if you "strongly agree" "somewhat agree" "somewhat disagree" "strongly disagree" or "no opinion."  The best one was one where the lady asked if I was planning to vote and I asked her if she had a section for "HELL YEAH!"  She laughed for a long time on that one.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He did it!

I am not surprised.

I am surprised about the reason why he did it though.  He did it because she looked him up.  She Googled him.

That poor, poor girl.  But this does sound like what this shrink said on Fox News yesterday.  That he's a psychopath.  And psychopaths don't think about what they do.  That it's impulsive...if I remember correctly.

Now, if only the Peruvians can get him to say what he did with Natalee.

I really do think that Stephany Flores is NOT his first victim.  And probably Natalee isn't his first victim either.

This piece of sh** says that the fact that Natalee's parents going to his house, screaming and yelling about her location wasn't what normal parents do. Oh really?! BULLSHIT! Yes, parents are going to be screaming and yelling at the person who last saw her alive.

He's not normal in the head at all.