Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day

I just got back from seeing Knight and Day. Yahoo is talking about how Cruise has bombed, that it's his worst action flick opening in 20 years...well...screw them!

It's a good movie. I enjoyed the hell out of it. The pacing was phenomenal. Did not wonder about what time it was in Real Life, I was too busy watching this movie. No f***ing shaky cam - that I noticed. There was a scene at the end of the movie where Cruise and Diaz got mixed up in the running of the bulls...great, great scene!

Cameron Diaz's character come across as a little ditzy, probably normal for her ( I haven't seen too many of her films) but it's not annoying.  She just a person who was pulled into something that is beyond her comprehension.  Certainly she's out of her element.  But, while she does have freak out moments, she sucks it up and does what she has to do...and if means riding the rollercoaster...she does it.

Tom Cruise's character, like many of his others, is charming, cute, funny and endearing.  And possibly quite crazy.  But, he pulls his character off well.  Again, I wasn't annoyed with his acting.  In the past, I have been irritated by the character he's playing, but this time I was not.

FYI - you don't have to sit all the way through the credits. There is a small scene but there are no surprises at the very end. :cry: I guess I'm spoiled and I like those last little scenes, oh well.

As for why the movie didn't have the best opening...well, it could be some lingering backlash against Cruise's couch jumping episode on Oprah. Or, it could be the fact that school has just let out and parents are taking their kids to see kids' movies first and then have Parent Date Night later.

Regardless, I enjoyed this movie and I will be getting it on DVD!

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