Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He did it!


I am not surprised.

I am surprised about the reason why he did it though.  He did it because she looked him up.  She Googled him.

That poor, poor girl.  But this does sound like what this shrink said on Fox News yesterday.  That he's a psychopath.  And psychopaths don't think about what they do.  That it's impulsive...if I remember correctly.

Now, if only the Peruvians can get him to say what he did with Natalee.

I really do think that Stephany Flores is NOT his first victim.  And probably Natalee isn't his first victim either.


This piece of sh** says that the fact that Natalee's parents going to his house, screaming and yelling about her location wasn't what normal parents do. Oh really?! BULLSHIT! Yes, parents are going to be screaming and yelling at the person who last saw her alive.

He's not normal in the head at all.

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