Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Uncle - Richard E. Venable

My uncle, Richard E. Venable, passed away today.

He was the father of three children:  Linda, Phil, and Tina.

I know I haven't written on this blog in some time but I just have to write this somewhere.

I'm very sad that my uncle has died but I'm also glad because he is no longer in pain.  He had cancer and the damn stuff just spread all over his body after a gall bladder operation he had in July.

But I am angry as well.  Uncle Gene died about 7 pm and it is now almost 8:30 pm and his wife has NOT called my parents.  In fact, she fucking TEXTED my cousin Phil that his dad died.  FUCKING TEXTED!!!!!

Not classy AT ALL!

It's just not right.  You don't text someone that their father has died.

I will never dine with the Queen of England nor will I ever be invited to the White House or a Big Time Hollywood Event.  But, by God, I will NEVER EVER text someone about a family members death.  That's just wrong.  And trashy.  But that's Gail.  She's trashy.

Of course, before she married my uncle, she was his mistress while he was married to my Aunt Lee who was the mother of my Cousins Phil and Tina.  Linda was the daughter of my uncle's first wife.  My Aunt Lee died just before Thanksgiving in 1992, Uncle Gene introduced Gail to the family in February and married her in September 1993.  That has caused some hard feelings with his kids.  Fortunately, Phil and Uncle Gene reconciled.  It's just too bad that it took a terminal illness to do that though.

But, in regards to Gail - she has no class.  And as soon as things are over, I doubt that anyone in the family will contact her again.  She's just done so many things over the years that...well, we more than likely will not speak to her again.  There will be no need to.

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