Saturday, May 29, 2010

Belisarius part II

While I find the one about horses pretty funny, the scenes that I can really visualize and can imagine in a movie, mini-series or anime is from the second book, In the Heart of Darkness, when the Emperor Justinian and his wife, the Empress Theodora are captured by traitors. Justinian is blinded by a red-hot poker and Theodora promises vengeance on all of the traitors. Theodora is not a woman to piss off. She remembers...and she gets even

For the most part, I'm going to be quoting Theodora, unless otherwise written:

"I will do no such thing. If you bring the worm Hypatius before me, I will spit on him. If you drag me to the Hippodrome, I will curse him before the mob. ... All you have done is blind a man who would someday have been blinded by death. You threaten to kill a man, when no man lives forever. Do it, then. Kill me with him. I am the Empress. I would rather die than yield. ... There is an ancient saying, which I approve: Royalty is a good burial-shroud."

Hell-gaze; hell-voice:

"Do your murder, then, traitor. Kill us, coward."

...Theodora's pealing laugh had no more humor in it than Satan's own.


"You are all dead men. Kill us, traitors! Do it, cowards! As surely as the sun rises, you will join us before sundown. ... Do it, cowards! Boast to Belisarius that you killed his Emperor and Empress. Do it! Tell the loyal man of your treachery. Do it! Tell the man of honor that you are murderers. Do it!"


"After he spits your heads on his spears. After the flesh rots from your skulls. He will grind your bones to powder. He will feed them to Thracian hogs. He will have the hog-shit smeared on your tombs. ... I will await you in the Pit of Damnation, John of Cappadocia! Before Satan takes you, I will burn out your eyes with my urine! ... You are all dead men. Wherever you go, I will track you down. Wherever you hide, I will find you. I will have you blinded. By the clumsiest meatcutter in the world."

...She had something to attend to.

Crawling on her hands and knees, Theodora made her way to the body of the nearest soldier. She drew a dagger from the corpse's sword-belt.

Then, still crawling, she began making her way toward John of Cappodicia.

The Empress did not crawl because she was unable to stand, or because she was injured, or because she was in a state of shock.

No. She crawled simply because she wanted the Cappodiaian to see her coming.

He did. ...

Theodora crawled toward him, the dagger in her hand. Her eyes were fixed on those of the praetorian prefect.

She wanted those eyes.

Hell-gaze. Hell-crawl.

It was the last thing John of Cappadocia would ever see and he knew it.


No, it was the sight of the Empress. Squatting over the dying traitor, a bloody knife in one hand, her imperial robes held up by the other. Urinating into the empty eyesockets of John of Cappodocia.

That is one scary damn woman...isn't she?

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